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Bringing catering teams together

Bringing catering teams together

Datameal enables the various players involved in catering services to communicate in real time. Critical information is shared without restraints. With Datameal, communication can be digitised.

Anticipating future consumption thanks to Big Data

Datameal records and cross-references all food service-related information to improve decision-making and customer satisfaction.

Managed commitment

Datameal facilitates the nutritional, technical and financial management of menus. Your users are able to access the best of your expertise at the best price.

Optimisation of resources and production means

Datameal is proven to enable time- and cost-savings by managing costs and information flows, from ingredient price negotiations through to preparation and delivery of meals to restaurants or users.

Proven ease of use

Datameal enables you to customise your various workstations, to boost your performance and efficiency in your day-to-day activities.

Kitchen 2.0

Datameal facilitates targeted and efficient communication with your different establishments, and enables users to consult and enrich the information available online.

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Key Features

  • Cost control for menus
  • Management of food serving lines
  • Detailed data sheet
  • Purchasing and stock management
  • Production supervision
  • Management of food information labelling (INCO Regulations)
  • Management of shipments to customers
  • Commercial definition of packaging
  • Management of shipping logistics
  • Optimisation of delivery rounds
  • Information for users
  • HACCP & Traceability
  • Business Intelligence

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Production Management

With its Production Management system, Datameal provides all the tools needed to manage a kitchen from designing menus through overseeing production to managing stocks and purchasing. Datameal supplies all the indicators required to manage activity on-site.

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Home delivery

Datameal Home Delivery meets the challenge of taking individual needs into account in the context of managing collective facilities. By combining the best individual meal management methods with tools used by CAPM experts, we are able to provide the optimum level of service.

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Datameal Portal

Datameal Portal is the interface all your customers can access to obtain information on your services. The menus are accessible along with comprehensive information on your recipes, the ingredients used, and any allergens. Your clients can use it to place their orders and rate the service level.

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