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Datameal ERP

Datameal ERP is an integrated solution geared to the specific features of the catering sector and the changes taking place within it.

Its complete range of modules is shaped by the two-fold challenge of complying with current standards and regulations and preparing for the future.

Tailored closely to specific tasks

Datameal ERP accompanies each stage of the food service process, from contact with guests through to production and management. It provides all the players involved with the required and customized resources they need to complete their tasks.

Constantly developing

Datameal ERP is an open-ended system that will accompany you as procedures and practices evolve. Datameal keeps in step with the changes and provides you with customised solutions to address them.

Expert support

Datameal offers more than mere IT solutions; its experts remain at your disposal throughout your project. Their mission is to ensure its success.


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