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The CEO’s vision

What was your objective when you created the Yoni Catering business unit?

«Since we created the Yoni Catering business unit, through the acquisition of Pyramid, we have strived to develop and enhance our software and service offering dedicated to professionals from the Institutional Catering sector. Indeed, the creation of our new centre of expertise stemmed from our desire to provide services to even more professionals from the Institutional Catering industry, regardless of the sector in which they operate (healthcare, local authorities or companies), their size, or their management method (self-managed or delegated management) in order to offer them a range of software solutions tailored to their needs. We thus strive constantly to make our solutions even more relevant despite the wide variety of needs expressed by our customers, and to make our offering more vertical for specialised markets.»

What is your ambition for the Yoni Catering business unit?

«In the coming years, we aim to become the leader in the sector. The synergy between our employees, their expertise and their experience are the key success factors. They demonstrate our strong desire to meet our customers’ needs in the best way possible. We are also looking to develop our business and expand on an international level. Our real strength is to use our skills and our knowledge of the market to provide the best technical, commercial, personalised services to our customers.»

How do you see the future of this business unit?

«Every year we devote 15% of our turnover to research and development, and also launch innovative projects with representative pilot sites.
We constantly monitor the sector’s expectations to think ahead and provide solutions that meet current and future issues, such as undernourishment, waste management and home hospitalisation, while taking into account the constantly changing regulations in the field of Institutional Catering.»

What resources are being implemented/developed to achieve your aims?

«The Yoni Catering unit draws on the variety of its offering to imagine and prepare the future while taking care of the present. That means we incorporate technical changes affecting our ecosystem to anticipate new uses related to the internet, connected objects and the Cloud, which contribute to pooling resources and providing tools that are more and more geared to users’ needs in the workplace.»

What messages(s) do you wish to convey to your customers?

«With Yoni Catering, our clients have the guarantee of a Group that is attentive to their needs and constraints and proposes innovative, tailor-made solutions that are durable and scalable.
Lastly, with Yoni Catering, they benefit from the expertise of employees who are close to them, and familiar with their trades and practices. The human dimension is emphasised to create a real partnership and set the best possible conditions to succeed together.»

Philippe Mamy, CEO of Yoni Group


140, rue Clément François Prunelle
34790 Grabels (France)


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