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Who we are

About Pyramid Informatique

Since 20 years, our company is specialisez in developing software solutions dedicated to institutional catering professionals. Its brand, Datameal, is one of the leading solution on the market

It provides the most extensive sector coverage, operating in the fields of HEALTHCARE, FOODSERVICE and CORPORATE. The Datameal brand comprises four products: Datameal ERP, CPro, ONLINE, PORTAL, MYMEAL and MYPACKHYGIENE.

Our values

We place people at the heart of our organisations.

The group’s spirit can be summed up in four key values:
- Customer-centric culture: a company focused on and centred around our customers’ needs
- Leadership: professional expertise that sets the benchmark for each activity sector
- Team spirit: the key word for our teamwork is cohesion
- Solidarity: mutual respect and trust between employees and customers

Our commitment

Contributing to our customers’ success.

Our mission is to design products that help our customers express their expertise and meet their targets, thus contributing to their development.

Certain pre-requisites underpin everything we do on behalf of our clients: our recognised professional know-how, the professional behaviour of our teams, pooled expertise, and constant investment in innovation.


140, rue Clément François Prunelle
34790 Grabels (France)


Healthcare | Foodservice | Corporate

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